Harrison Bay S.P. 9.19.17

There were 14 hikers on this beautiful day. One of today's hikers was a lady from New York!  She was camping at the park so we asked her to join us.  She travels all over and loves to hike.  She was down here to play softball in Dalton.  Today's hike was more of a stroll and the group did not finish until about 11:00 AM.  The distance of  this hike was bout 4 1/2 miles and I would rate it as easy.  If you would like to see some very nice pictures, click here

Roaring Creek 9.16.17

It was the perfect day to hike along Roaring Creek.  The hike was quite strenuous over a one mile section of the trail, but the four intrepid hikers conquered all.  The view from the bluff and the sound of the rapids was well worth it.  The total distance of the hike was 6.4 miles total.  The exhausted hikers no doubt set a world record at 3.75 hours (1.65 MPH) over this torturous terrain.  Too see some pictures, click here.  

Rock Climbers 9.9.17

I apologize for the late posting.  I was out of town and could not access a computer with the necessary programs.  Any way here it is.  The group of seven hikers had a very good time.  The wind was just right so that it was not too hot.  There were quite a few wildflowers along the trail.  I would rate this five mile hike as slightly strenuous.  To view some pictures, click here.

Greenway Farms 9.5.17

It was a beautiful morning for a hike.  The hike was an easy four miler with 14 hikers showing up.  I guess they like the shorter cool hikes.  The group hiked on both sides of the Chickamauga Creek.  There were even a couple of new faces.  All in all, a great day.  If you would like to see a few more pictures, click here.

Prentice Cooper 9.2.17

This was the first hike after taking the month of  August off.  There were only four hikers on the moderate seven mile hike.  The weather was almost perfect.  Thanks to Donna and John for the Pictures.  If you would like to see some nice pictures click here.